To Pull A Wiseman

usually to enter from no where with a comment that depicts you are much smarter than those around you. the comment can be something that should have already happened but no one listened to you, or something painfully obvious etc.

not to be confused with a lean-in!

the act of pulling a wise man derives from evil dead: army of darkness in the scene depicted below in the example.
1. jim and jon both knew that the fastest way home was path a, but jon just had to take path b. jon walked all the way along path b, got home and realised that he could no longer see jim. jim pulled a wise man and said “i told you path a was faster!”

2. in evil dead: army of darkness, ash is informed by the wise man that he needs the necronomicon in order to stop the evil. he just blows the wise man off. a short while later, a deadite attacks ash and co. after ash kills the deadite, the wise man enters from off-camera and states “now with though quest for the necronomicon?!” thus he has pulled a wiseman.

3. in order to pull a wiseman you need to have something smarter to say than those around you, and be able to approach from a near unseen angle.

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