the original blue murphy
the band tobm stands for: the original blue murphy

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  • strownze

    verb – to purge a group chat by removing every member, typically without expectation or warrant. person 1: hey can you add me back to the group chat? person 2: no sorry i think tmmmbl strownzed it last night.

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    a community where people post things gymnastics related and it’s also filled with stupid trends 😂 the gymternet is full of talented people

  • goofy foot

    a term in video games for leading with the right thumb, as opposed to the more common way (left thumb on the d-pad). i play tetris goofy foot, because i can move the pieces faster with my right thumb dominating the d-pad. a term in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding for riding with your right foot […]

  • tawab

    dump -ss beech f-ck offff tawab

  • monkey squawk

    when your sitting opposite your significant other and decide to put your toe up there -ss or tw-t making them squawk like a monkey. sarah ruined the best part of the movie because myles kept giving her a monkey squawk.

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