tookie williams

tookie williams was the man who created the crips which is one of the most notorious gangs in the united states. tookie williams was put onto death row for killing 4 people and there were more suspected killings. while on death row tookie williams wrote many books and even had his own web site which was used to help influence urban teens to quit or not join gangs. williams did so much that he was even nominated for a n-bel peace prize. many people requested that williams should be let go due to his good deeds but the governor of california would not allow it so tookie williams was put to death.
tookie williams did a lot of stuff.

stanly tookie williams met raymond washington, someone from the other side of south central. they formed a group that was initially named cribs, but changed to crips later.

at first, crips was to be the neighborhood watch for the neighborhood, but eventually, the crips were a force to be reckoned with themselves.

so he wasn’t the founder of the crips per say. he committed 4 murders through simple robberies which got him on death row.

while on death row, he has been implicated in attacks on guards and women, which was never proven.

his trial was set to have 3 black people, 1 latino, 1 fillipino and 7 caucasian males, but the prosecution removed the 3 black males (racist) and replaced them with 3 more white males. however he was found guilty as i have already mentioned.

he began changing his att-tude in 1993 and began writing books to get kids to quit or not join gangs (although i have read some of them and all that talk about drugs made me curious xd).
in 2005, there had been a pet-tion and rally asking to get leniency for tookie because of his anti-gang activist work. the state argued that he hadn’t actually been doing better because he refused to tell them about how gangs communicate. snoop dogg had joined that rally, advertising the save tookie website, and jamie foxx had stated that tookie’s execution was on his birthday, so a birthday present would be to grant him clemency.

arnold schwarzenegger denied it, said, “it is impossible to separate williams’ claim of innocence from his claim of redemption.”

he was to die through lethal injection and during his time strapped down, the staff had difficulty inserting the needles in him. he looked at them and asked them if they were doing that right. he died with “no emotions except for a lonely tear”.

he had supporters that yelled the state of california had just killed an innocent man. my opinion? innocent? no? reformed? … that’s debatable.

tookie williams still has supporters working to get justice for him.
a murderer and gang leader that only acted like he was “reformed” just so he could escape the punishment he deserved.

f-ck tookie.
tookie williams was a complete coward. good riddance.
crips gang “leader” that shall rightfully burn in h-ll.
f-ck tookie williams. d-mn! tookie! only a hard-ss can have a name like that!
aka: herk the jerk (his name from his juvie days)
herk the jerk gets put down by the guards.

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