Tool Room

a room, in which a high ranking b-tch is in charge, she makes it her soul purpose to take the easiest job in the marine corps, and make it hard as f-ck
i had to walk into tool room the other day, and almost lost my mind.
the shop for sh-tbag marines, suck -ss imrl managers, and lazy hazmat cordinators. also known -ss the most skate shop in the marine corps where female snco’s make their marines hate their life.
marine 1: dude im so glad i’m not in tool room.
marine2: i know that shop is full of sh-tbags and lazy -sses, and their ssgt is a straight b-tch
the coolest marines in a squadron.

they are too cool for their shops.

they are known for gang banging ordnance, seat shop, powerline, airframes, and avionics shops wives/girlfriends/sisters/mothers.

they are s-xy motherf–kers.

all other shops cannont complete even the simplest task themselves without first begging tool room for the tools required.
“hey where’s your wife at man?”
“she’s in tool room again playing with their tools.”
wow man, that’s awesome. i wish my girlfriend would bang some tool room guys!”
“i’m sure she does.”

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