toot it and boot it

to have someone’s mouth over your -n-s while p-ssing gas and then kicking them out of your house
alright jimmy time to toot it and boot it
have a s-xual encounter then kicking the person out once you’re done.
i met her in the club, then i said w-ssup
i took her to the crib, and you know i f-cked
yea toot it and boot it, toot it and boot it………
basically it’s a one night stand. s-xual relations then leave (usually in a hurry).
one night stand, “hit it and quit it”, “one and done”, “lay without pay”.. and now.. “toot it and boot it” or “toot it and booted”.
hit it and quit it
yeah man, i’d toot it and boot it.
the action of copulation with the opposite s-x after a brief introduction at a local nightclub, which is then led to a prompt depart usually from the male partner but is not out of the ordinary from the female; resolution of contact
i met her in the club
then i said w-ssup
i took her to the crib
and you know i f-cked
yea toot it and boot it
to fart and then leave.
ew, don’t just toot it and boot it.

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