that guy acts like a toshi
-ssumed pseudonym used by 16 year old girls because they “totally hate” their given name.
“oh my god, i can’t believe my parents put thought into picking a name for me; forget them, everyone call me toshi.”
to put so much effort into something that you almost die.
i was puuning that chick so hard last night i almost toshied.”
an obviously mistaken j-panese name, but actually is a korean noun which means “an unusual out come after self pleasuring.”

jake: “why is your left hand bigger than your right hand? you might have the toshi.”

trae: “dude i was watching some p-rnography. i was about to reach to my climax, then suddenly my d-ck recoiled upwards and hit my face.

jake: dude i think you should see a doctor, because i have the toshi as well.
nickname for a toshiba product. namely a laptop computer.
i just got a new case for toshi, don’t want her to get scratched.
toshi is the nickname of an amazing girl who can steal the heart anyone she meets. she is the most caring, friendly, and random girl i’ve ever met. her laugh is infectious, her smile is to die for, her modesty is obvious, and her love is genuine. most importantly, she is her own person. if you ever manage to find your own toshi, fight for her. never let her get away. and love her with all your heart.
i made toshi my girlfriend and i’ve never been happier!
the uncontrolable desire to have a sh-t ( normally in a car)
which can’t wait to be attended too even if this means having a sh-t at the side of the road or ‘a toshi’
victor: what’s wrong with you?
wayne: stop the car i have to have a toshi right now!

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