tourneytards are people that play at “compet-tive” level and complain about every minor detail, people that don’t play for fun, if a game doesn’t meet their standarts they bash it.
they use the insult “scrub” very often, the word “nerfed” and confusing number notations as well.
that guy is a complete tourneytard, he won’t shut up about how they “nerfed” robo-ky in guilty gear slash!
a tourneytard (or, tourneyf-g) is a person who has become corrupted by the compet-tive side of a game (tournaments, etc.) to the point at which they no longer play it for entertainment (instead playing it to prove that they are better than someone else). as a result, they attempt to remove elements that could possibly in any way hinder their chance of winning. one example (the only notable one, in fact) of a game which is surrounded by a significant amount of tourneyf-gs is super smash bros. melee (gamecube).

the difference between a tourneytard and a normal person is this:
if a normal person loses due to random and inexplicable chance, they laugh and forget about it.
if this happens to a tourneytard, they whine and sulk because they care so much. losing deeply wounds them.

there is no known cure to being a tourneytard; however, this is solely because no-one has yet dared to try and discover one.

examples of use:
1. “everyone who plays it at school are complete tourneytards, they insist we play by the most boring rules just so they don’t have to suffer the ‘pain’ of losing. ¬_¬”

2. “you’re only calling me a tourneytard because you suck at the game! waaa!”
an insult made by people who suck at video games.
what a tourneytard, he used a bunch of glitches to beat me.

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