f–k, am i the only one here that likes system of a down?! toxicity is their second alb-m, which by the way is my favorite along with steal this alb-m. wake up, people!
toxicity is a true work of art.
a song made by system of a down that’s a testament to the disorder, confusion, and complexity of the world. the lyrics, in my very humble opinion, is pure poetic genius, though very limited, compared to other bands of today.

“toxicity” is also system of a down’s second alb-m that carries such singles as chop suey, toxicity, and aerials.
conversion, software version 7.0
looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub
eating seeds as a pastime activity
the toxicity of our city, of our city
now, what do you own the world?
how do you own disorder, disorder
now somewhere between the sacred silence
sacred silence and sleep
somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep
disorder, disorder, disorder

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