1. where whitetrash or thugs often live.

2. something you see flying past you in a tornado.
i absolutely do not want to live in a trailer–my home actually has a foundation without wheels.
1. (adj.) shortened version of trailer trash to describe their social and economic standing. used to describe poor uncultured white people/rednecks that live in trailer homes because their dad is a drunk loser or their mom is a single sl-t parent working either collecting welfare or working at a check cashing store. trailer people are known for eating macaroni and cheese with weenies and cheap light beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. popularized by 8-mile the movie, and my name is earl tv show. trailer is related to ghetto but one is white the other black, but both distinctly low-cl-ss.
dude, did you see that white b-tch with the braids and slippers? ya dude, she is f-ckin trailer, f-ck her sk-nky redneck -ss, lets just get drunk and do some donuts at walmart. a’ight jim-bob, f-ck it then.
a magnet for tornados
the g5 tornado tore through the trailer park, leaving 10,000 nolanvillers homeless.
acting trashy, no manners
lisa: blatantly burps with no regard

michele: dude, that’s so trailer
adjective. something that is run down or trashy. similar to ghetto.
did you see the inside of that bar?
yeah, it was so trailer.
n. an unpowered vehicle, towed behind a motor vehicle, with the purpose of carrying cargo or living facilities
“hey, load the stuff into the trailer, and i’ll hitch it to my truck.”
when you have to fabricate paperwork in order to make something qualify or meet a standard. the manufactured housing industry suffered demise due to dealerships fabrication financial doc-mentation to appease lenders.
is this divorce decree on the up and up or is it trailer?

you can’t get a real doctors note to return to worker? trailer it!

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