train wreck

a total f-cking disaster …the kind that makes you want to shake your head.
the people at the party were so wack…it was a train wreck.
a person or situation that can’t escape an inevitable bad outcome; hence, a trainwreck.
“the woman can’t ever get a good man, a good job, or education. her life sucks. she is a trainwreck!”
a name used to describe a clumsy, dangerous person. this person will damage things and hurt people(on accident or on purpose). they also take things too far. rumors are also spreading about a trainwreck virus that causes these symptoms.
miles is such a trainwreck!
describes something that is so bad that you don’t want to keep watching or following but you just can’t look away from it.
zoe: “that show is like a train wreck, i can’t stop watching!”
a sudden and disastrous halt in the music ‘set’ played by a dj. often -ssociated with the music styles of house and techno where a set can last for an hour or longer. this calamity results in the loss of rhythm and ‘flow’ in a club or rave, which in turn presents a certain negative att-tude by the attendees toward the dj. this is best defined as ‘boo’. this condition often throws the dj into an extreme state of apprehension and a fevered determination to save his cred usually resulting in an increased chance of causing another train wreck. technical problems -ssociated with equipment do not qualify under this definition. derived from the visual image of a train, traveling at high speed, smashing into an brick wall.
i was at the club last night at this f-cking newb train wrecked in the middle of the night. the entire place just froze. i know he ain’t getting a second chance.
very potent marijuana that will get you very high and f-cked up. it is called trainwreck because you are so messed up.
d-mn, i’ve got some trainwreck we should smoke.
a disaster that is foreseeable but unavoidable,
disastrous yet inevitable,
distasteful, but morbidly fascinating.
you don’t want to stare,
but you just can’t look away.
wow look at her, she’s a hot as trainwreck

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