makeshift feminine hygiene apparatus used by female rough sleepers.
shirley utilised a trampon
the name given to a tampon that has to be removed from a female by a gynecologist because it was pushed to far in to be removed normally after having not been removed before engaging in s-xual intercourse and as a result getting pushed too far in to the v-g-n-l cavity to be retrieved without professional -ssistance.
girl 1: d-mn girl! i can’t believe i got my third trampon this week! i gotta check that sh-t!
girl 2: girl, you crazy! i haven’t had a trampon for at least a month!
a gentleman who is used by a lady in a ‘one night stand’, where the gentleman may not be the most hansom of chaps but the lady used him as a quick s-x fix.
‘did you cop off with anyone last night emma?’
‘yeah, well only some trampon’
a trampy stuckup b-tch.
after she gave me a sh-tty look, i snapped that trampon’s thong as she bent over and laughed in her face when she screamed. that’s what you get for being a trampon.
a tampon that had to be surgically removed by a doctor after having been rotting for an extended period of time due to the tampon user having been f-ck-d with said tampon in her c-nt.
please someone get a doctor; it hurts i’ve got a trampon and its moving its way up my small intestines, plus it stinks in there!

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