a hilariously chaotic and addictive game where players (mice) attempt to take cheese and bring it back to their mouse-holes. there are obstacles in the players’ paths, and the player must overcome these in order to get to and from the cheese. one or two people become a “shaman” during each round, and gain the option to help their fellow mice using their powers, or just kill them all by firing arrows and create a m-ssive sh-tstorm.
i played transformice for six hours last night. i just can’t get enough of all the chaos.
the only game in which you can play as a mouse trying to get cheese….while having a shaman help (read:troll) you. involves things like rotating planks, portals, bouncy wood, cannonb-lls, and the all-important anvil g-d.
example of a transformice game:
trollmouse: lol, cannon them shaman
trolledplayerone, trolledplayertwo, trolledplayerthree: ffffff
luckymouse: lol, missed.
an awesome online game
transformice: try to get the cheese and bring it back to the hole!
transformice is an online mulltiplayer flash game in which players control mice to overcome obstacles with the help of a powerful shaman in order to collect their favorite food, cheeese~! —
bored? let’s go play transformice! —

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