there are at least two usages of “trivial”. one is to describe answers, and the other is to describe questions/tasks.

answers: a trivial answer is something which is either immediately self-evident or which conveys no information.

questions/tasks: a trivial question can perhaps be defined as something for which either the answer or the method of finding the answer is known by the person asked the question.
answers: when asked to describe yourself, a nontrivial answer would be, “my name is joe schmoe. i’m 5’10” and weigh 170 lbs.” a trivial answer would be, “i’m a human. i know english.”

questions/tasks: in mathematics, computing the values of integrals is a trivial task, (even though it can be hard), because the methods for computing integrals are known.
someone who acts irresponsibly or with stupidity.
dude1: what the h-ll/s he doing?
dude2: ahh, what a f-cking trivial
dude1: right on

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