turkish beast

turkish beast is a vdr player,also known as sikik; bill ; hayvan ; turkish breast. he goes to sleep often because he thinks it builds up his testosterone level which is totally false(sleep is for the weak btw) and his l-st for power both in rl and palringo is unmatched. also, on his old phone he has a xxx folder filled with s-xual content-it even contains transgender ladyboy nudes. he is also a gym junkie and dresses accordingly. there are some vicious rumors going on about him and his bbe ways but he will deny all of it if asked as well as he will deny asking women on pal for nudes using pm. some of his famous quotes used on palringo are: !c kaz and !c saldir – used to spam the monster bot (in turkish afc); omg hahaha; oh wow; make me mod; i deserve admin, and many more…
who used those poor inactive vdr accounts as bbe-s? it was turkish beast of course.

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