the world is ending as we know it

recite each letter of the acronym, it’s not pr-nounced twee-ow-kee!
alana: jess and ed broke up!

sara: twieawki!

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  • Twifail

    a name used by anti-twilighters to express their disgust and hate for twilight. “my friend dragged me to see twifail at the movies… it was so lame.”

  • Twisty Norway

    when you are banging a chick on a bed and do a stationary cartwheel with your c-ck still inside the puss. whoa f-ck bro! i just pulled off a twisty norway on this f-ckin ho. i m-th-rf-cking literally did a cartwheel while my p-n-s was going in and out of her v-g-n- cuz i’m mad […]

  • twin jet

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  • TwittBook

    a recently coined, pejorative term for facebook (combination of facebook and twitter), due to the fact that its new changes have given it a twitter-like format. it’s new format has received overwhelmingly negative feedback. man, i can’t stand facebook anymore. it’s like twitter without the simplicity. you know what, i’m quitting “twittbook”!

  • twizzlered

    twisted and slizzered put together oh man i smoked 9 bowls and did a kegstand, i’m so twizzlered did you see how twizzlered that chick was? she should’ve held the beer bong

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