a tweeted out wanna be trophy girl that thinks they are hot and try to be a stripper.
check out the twipper trying to walk in those heels looking for arrowheads on the creek bank.

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  • valine

    the v-g-n- of a girl who has 3 or more sti’s, but refuses to admit it. i’m not putting my d-ck anywhere near taylor’s valine! i don’t want herpes!

  • brown jerome

    when a person puts their prolapsed -n-s on your forehead after a long night of -n-l johnny gave mark a brown jerome.

  • jriv

    he has a m-ssive c-ck and a 100% chance to f-ck your b-tch i love jriv

  • twabluffle

    when someone truely smells like -ss ! smells like chicken liver sitting out in a hot trunk for about 5 months d-mn elijah u smell like a twabluffle

  • d*ck snicker

    a word you say in pure terror when your frightened or hurt yourself oh d-ck snickers you scared the sh-t out of me

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