a person who’s not to be f-cked with or one who can’t be f-cked with, not in your reach
d-mn, kendrick lamar in the rap game is just unfckwtble.

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  • i really don’t care. do u?

    a message you can wear on a jacket or t-shirt to attract public attention and to potentially gain your 15 seconds of notoriety—never mind what the message actually means. t-shirts with an opposite positive message like “i really care, don’t you?” about how one feels about illegal immigrants and their human rights unfortunately don’t have […]

  • heskeboy

    a boy who always wants dinner mom: heskeboy! your dinner is ready! heskeboy: umm… yummy please!

  • claptor raptor

    someone with the clap who intentionally tries to p-ss it to someone else don’t f-ck johnny, he’s a total claptor raptor

  • over-meaten

    eating too much meat. precursor to meat sweats oh my goodness i’ve over-meaten, i need a lay down!

  • vehicularated

    adapted to travel in vehicles, specifically pertaining to pets, akin to domesticated but car-broken instead of house-broken. my cat mina has always loved traveling by car –sprawled out on the dashboard– because she started her vehicularization training early, while just a kitten. she is now vehicularated for gas, diesel and electric vehicles!

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