the univerity of rhode island.
in a recent magazine article on the top 10 party schools, editors decided not to include uri because it would be wrong to put a professional on a list of amateurs.
famous mexican soccer player… in his young days he messed up wesburn soccer club but earlier on messed up his coaches marriage … now his games are televised on sportsnet
that player is gonna end up being a uri
uniform resource identifier – something that non-geeks confuse with url, thinking they’re the same thing – or that it doesn’t exist altogether.

but then again, you must be nuts to look for real and accurate info on definithing.
guy1: hey, what’s the uri of that site?
guy2: uri? what’s that? you mean url dumb-ss!
guy1: no you moron it’s just like url!
uniform resource indicator, also known as a “url” (uniform resource locator), or a “web address”.
what was the uri for that web site again?
the new messiah.
uri will rain chaos and death from the skys, the end is neigh! neigh! if thats how you spell that word which acctually stands for something that is close, as in- the end is close!
the graceful act of ejaculating, defecating and masticating at the precise same moment.
“what about you, scott, do you have any party tricks?”
“do i?! -takes pants off and grabs sandwich-”
“oh my god, scott is totally pulling an uri!”
undoc-mented running immigrant. aka fat uri if the runner is overweight
hey bob pull out your pistol we got a uri heading are way.

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