when a person performs an act similar to that of steve urkel.
1. “did you see zach knock over that bong?”

“yeah he was straight urkelin'”

2. “dude that’s the third time this week zach dropped in unannounced.”

“i know, kid be urkelin’

3. “zach built that crazy machine in his bas-m-nt and now he’s a super stud”

“yep, urkelin’ again.”
when an individual’s pants have knowingly or unknowingly risen above their belly b-tton, resembling the hiked up style of pants made famous by character steve urkel on the 90’s tv show family matters.
example 1: “dude, pull your pants down, you’re urkelin’.”

example 2: “look at ms. brewer, she’s urkelin’! her pants are hiked all the way up to her non-existant t-tties!”
the act of pimping like urkel
d-mn look at that fine b-tch all up on his d-ck, he be urkelin

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