usa computing olympiad
most commonly pr-nounced as: you-suck-oh (or less commonly; you-sack-oh)

a 4-hour long, online programming compet-tion for highschool kids where there are four divisions: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. each division features different types of problems, such as sorting, binary search, dp, greedy, graph theory, blah blah, etc.

helpful side-note:
once you reach the 4th division (platinum), you will realize that the pr-nounciation of the name makes sense.
gaddamit, i forgot one edge-case for my program, and that killed 8 test cases!! gaddammit, i missed the usaco platinum cuttoff by one test-case….. gaddammit, my code won’t even compile!!

….i realized that i was a usaco(you-suck-oh).

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