a person able to see through walls
-omg pete, how did you now that i was around the corner trying to scare the sh-t out of you?
-d-mn irma, don’t you know that i’m a venz ?
-ah, d-mnit !>< to venz: verb. used when someone tries to look into private stuff e.g. diary, or private clan forums. mostly this persons tries to do it in illegal ways e.g. hacking, cheating... a - what the f-ck our forum is full of spam, who did that? b - someone venzed our forum! a - aargh, not that one again!! to venz, is to use 5.1 surround sound to indicate the position of an opponent whilst playing first person shoot em up's. also to venz, can be to give the impression of high skill levels whilst using hax to enable you to look thru obstacles. current technology that allows a person to see through different layers or walls.also see x-ray vision. -hey anna,i see u are not wearing a bra. -well jack,how do u know that? -because i use venz,u stupid woman. proud production from someone who inexplicably gains great pleasure in cheating online, spamming and shouting "rofl owned" after aimbot kills. synonyms: "noob" to venz -verb-: when someone cheats/hacks/sees through walls "aw sh-t, i got venzed again!" bad hacker

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