a perverted girl that stays up all night masturbating on guys (with authentic bodies) they cant have and stalking them. they would tend to like gay guys and sometimes dream dirty bout hot guys to put themselves to sleep.
don’t talk to that vinke because she will corrupt your mind with perverted thoughts! xd

(aim convos of an example of a vinke)
—— ——: welll i like guys
—— ——: theyre pretty
—— ——: i want to collect all the hot guys
—— ——: and kill them and preserve their bodides
—— ——: and just look at them
—— ——: and fap
—— ——: i wouldnt mind him gay
—— ——: then i could like touch himm and he wouldnt careeee
+++++++++++++++: i am not
+++++++++++++++: .
—— ——: period.
—— ——: eww
—— ——: bl–dy
+++++++++++++++: omg
+++++++++++++++: lol

“vinke is perverted!”

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