the act of wanting to be fabulous but can’t.
eww that girl is so vonae.

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  • viobetty

    a hideous looking gargantuan monstrosity your crush secretly f-cks or wants to f-ck when your crush is sprung: “it’s my mate’s girlfriend!” reality: no it’s his viobetty

  • coffee dork

    a preppy douchbag in a coffee shop. this person is usually scrolling through their macbook reading fake news articles that are against trump. this person often wears b-tton up shirts, stocking caps, and colored pants. this person is definitely a democrat and more than likely a feminist. (walks into a coffeehouse in portland) “look at […]

  • s*ssyfreeman

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  • senpal

    a senpal is like a senpai, except in the fact that it is someone you really want to be friends with, as opposed to someone you have an obsessive crush on. “amalia is sooo cool and popular!” “ikr? she’s my senpal!”

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