adj. meaning good or great, wafflen
“man connor din is wafflen.”

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  • Crisbee

    a 1v1 type game usually played in a bas-m-nt setting. to play this game you will need a mini can jam set with a mini frisbee or frisbee shaped item aka crisbee. the game is played to 20 if you make it in the top it’s worth 5 if slotted it is worth 10 and […]

  • alexa and jemal

    two lovers that are perfect for each other. even if it don’t seem like it at times, it turns out great in the long run. “d-mn, that’s an alexa and jemal type of relationship”

  • can't hack

    to be lightweight kiana drank two sips of beer and she was wasted. she can’t hack.

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  • Mufuckin Uhhh

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