an ugly hoe
that kid is a walker
walker is everything a girl could hope for. he’s smart, he’s athletic, he’s sweet and gentle, he’s caring, he has an amazing family and he could be a model with those dark melting eyes and thick brown hair. but he seems to be very confused about life. he’s moody, he’s emotional, he gets mad, he likes to argue, and he pushes people away. but i just want him to know that i would be the luckiest girl in the world if he ever liked me again.
the essence of a greek god. takes your breath away. hands down: the cutest, heart warming laugh i’ve ever heard. he’s a charmer, that walker
walker is very hot and s-xy,
he is shy and innocent but when you get to know him hes lots of funn ♥ -if you know what i mean.
i’m in love with this boy =)
and hope he loves me to.
walker is amazing

a guy who you looked up to in freshman year, for his amusing advice and skill with the ladies, who ends up hooking up with your girlfriend of 4 years the day you break up.
“dude, walker severely violated man law. i was most certainly punch him in the b-lls next time a see him”
coolest hotty alive and can f-ck any1 they see
“dude u r a walker” just hooked up with 5 people
the event in which a woman/man is sucking a p-n-s, and the reciever of the oral steps back, turns around, and farts directly in his/her face.
johnson was getting some head when he turned around and farted in her face. that chick got walkered.
the most amazing guy in the world, with eyes so dark and kind, skin so soft and brown, soft curly hair thats so fun to play with, already has a girlfriend, and is so smart and perfect
did you see that walker over there?
spanish slang for pimp
she just got played by that walker

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