same as a wasteman just female
“chantelle is wastegal man, living off benefits and her pickney hair aint even comb”

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  • waste manager

    a c-mdumping donee; one who excels at receiving sperm brittany administered her position as waste manager with a high degree of professionalism; her p-ssy endlessly perforated, habitually abiding as the receptacle for vast amounts of my personal refuse.

  • quiltsie

    to be a p-ssy and been tormented and made fun of your entire life, and to not defend yourself in anyway. wow, you get made fun of so much you must be a quiltsie.

  • line piece dependency

    in tetris, this problem occurs when a single column remains open and the player needs a line piece to fill it. a psychological dependency also arises as the player prays to the tetris g-d for the piece. this situation is most dangerous when the rest of the field is becoming stacked higher and the player […]

  • gobba

    a person that can’t stop talkin. usually just random conversations and they speak so fast you can’t understand them! vicky pollard out of little britain “yeah-but-no-but-yeah-but-no-but… etc etc as kids we had a word for really tiny or miniature things. we called them gobba. (pr-nounced gah-buh). then, if it was just too d-mn cute and […]

  • quilt weaver

    somebody who likes to spread their std’s(s-xually transmitted disease) to other people of the same gender.(reference to the “aid’s quilt”) david: ya, man i just banged matt, now he has herpies. josh: sick! you f-ck-ng quilt weaver!

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