Web 2.0

interactive media theory where an infrastructure focusing on content creation, management, and dissemination is built for the user to generate that content in a community framework.
urban dictionary falls under the web 2.0 theory because they built an infrastructure to create, manage, and disseminate the definition of slang terms generated by the user and ranked by the community.
rounded edges added to webpages as well as a glossy/gl-ss look to b-ttons and images.
wow, look at that round website! they clearly embraced web 2.0!!
a buzzword used by dullards to seem hip and “in” on “latest” technology, in hopes that no one will be perceptive enough to see that what’s “web 2.0” isn’t new at all, but rather a catch-all term for websites that give people imagined self-importance by letting them comment on and share content with other equally moronic readers.
omg this website is so web 2.0! check it out there’s a b-tton to post this to my facebook, mysp-ce, and twitter! now all my friends will see how hip i am and maybe someone will finally love me!
pretty much the current generation of the internet and this will probably last til about 2012. it is the internet where blogging, social networking, forums, wikis, video sharing, webcams, sharing, getting pwned, etc. takes place.

web 1.0 was the primitive internet where you went to campbells soup.com and there it is. web 2.0 is pretty much where you can read and post blogs about soup and share info about your favorite soup on your facebook profile. there is a web 3.0 coming into the future which will probably be the iphone web, in which the internet might be in different places than a computer.
kraft.com is web 1.0
mysp-ce.com is web 2.0
the one millionth word to be added to the english dictionary. it is likely to have been chosen with special treatment, given the other words competing with it, such as “defriend” and “noob”, which are almost universally used by the mainstream population, as opposed to the lesser known word “web 2.0”. the selection was a br-ss b-lls attempt for the elite to brag about their plans for web 2.0. this may possibly be used as a suggestion that even the process for adding english words is rigged!
hey noob, i’m going to defriend the elite because they influenced web 2.0 into becoming the 1 millionth english word.
a term used to describe the victoriousness of machines over humankind.
“thanks to web 2.0, we don’t need original human thought anymore! plug me in, morpheus!”
refers to the internet in terms of blogging, open source programming, rss and xml programming among others. web 2.0 is a general discription of web use which eschews heretofore traditional concepts of centralized, “hunt by favoritets” type search and response techniques in favor of aggregators and blogging interconnects and decentralized community systems.
“bookmarks are so old school, geek. aggregators and podcasting are more web 2.0…”

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