Weeble Wobble

derogatory slang for a fat or bottom heavy person, based on the toys of the same name from the 70’s.
“weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”
check out that weeble wobble
a girl with fat thighs and no definition to her ankles. she may have a skinny top, but her legs are always huge. she usually wears grandma clothes and never exercises. her hair is fried and she has terrible roots. she is a closet lesbian with the mouth of a trucker. she cries in the gyno and holds her mommy’s hand. proud member of the cow- o’s. she is “insane in the membrane” and is likely to scream at anyone close to her at any given time. stay away.
“woah, that weeble wobble is loco, glad i don’t live with her!”
the act of trying to place the p-n-s into the v-g-n- but it wont go in so you have to “weeblewobble” or make like a see saw and go up and down until you find your way in.
d-mnn that girl so tight i had to weeblewobble!
disparaging term for a fat dumb-ss.
yo, that weeble-wobble ate 14 crispy sandwhiches today.
a fat bottomed girl from struthers ohio who weebles and wobbles like a penguin when she walks. a creature commonly made fun of and laughed at.
did you just see weeble wobble? “yeah she just walked her fat -ss into all them people”
a person who can’t stand still or walk in a straight line

drunk or sober
you going to make it to the bathroom weeble wobble?

a p-ssy
that b-tch is probably at home right now with a black dilly in her weeble wobble

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