short form of “you’re welcome”.
bob: hey, thanks for hooking me up with that chick!
jim: welks
shortened form of “you’re welcome.” used when people shorten “thank you” to “thanks.”
thank you is to you’re welcome as
thanks is to welks.
“that homework help was great man, thanks!”

the response to someone saying thanks.
a slang word for your welcome.
thank you= your welcome

thanks= welks
shortened word for welcome.
thanks for the birthday gift
you’re welks
another word for the male genitalia, this slang term is used mainly in the stirlingshire area of scotland. can be used as a noun or an adjective (mainly as an insult)
check out the guy with the pink shirt, what a welk!

after i pumped that hooker my welk got covered in spots.

she’s an amazing person.
she’s hilarious.
she’s born to do great things in her future.
she makes unhappy people, happy.
she’s the best thing a person can find during their senior year of high school.
she’s like a lighthouse in the night.
she’s the kind of person, that if you never met, your life wouldn’t be complete.
she says intelligent things every time she opens her mouth.
she’s a beautiful person.
she’s the change some people needed in their worlds.

she changed my life.
i can’t thank her enough for that.
she was something to me, that no one else was. a friend.
i will never forget her. it’s not possible to forget someone who impacted my life so greatly.
she means the world to me. and so much more.
i miss her, because i loved her, and she’s what i woke up looking forward to every day. and now she’s gone.
she turned my life around during a time i needed it most.
i don’t know where i’d be right now if i never met her.
she is someone who i’ll never stop loving, or missing.
i am glad i met a person who’ll always hold a place in my heart that no one else can even touch.
she gave me a reason to keep holding on to life.
i know everyone goes their own ways in life, but i hope that someday, we’ll find each other again.

i love you and miss you green bean. i miss the days of school when you were part of them, they were the best. you brought a smile to my face, and i miss that.

i hope i’ll never have to say good-bye to you, because i don’t ever want to have to.
when you become friends with welk, your world will never be the same. welk changes people’s lives. there’s not a person in this world like her.
basic rule for politeness when responding to thanks.

slang for you’re welcome.

if you can shorten “thank you” why not shorten “you’re welcome”.
you: thanks

me: welks

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