the modern wentzing began on twitter, summer 2013; it became a huge fad in the fall out boy fandom. wentzing is when someone tweets a misleading caption with a photo attached, and when the victim opens that tweet, they get an eyeful of pete wentz’s (leaked) nudes. the meaning of this is to not only shock the victim, but (hopefully) people around, near, or next to the victim will also get wentzed, and accidentally wentzing your grandma has got to come with a good reaction. this spread like wildfire and now everyone, even famous people, know what wentzing is. people such as patrick stump and dan howell have been wentzed.
in school
teacher: today cl-ss, we are going to learn about….
teacher turns on projector, showing pete’s nudes
teacher: wentzing!!!!! xd
student: d-mn it, not again!!! that’s the fifth teacher that wentzed us this week!
entire cl-ss facedesks
v. taking pictures specifically of ones genetalia; derived from in incident in early 2006 where some of the above mentioned pictures of peter wentz of fall out boy were leaked onto the internet.
“woah, i heard he was wentzing himself.”

“i’m gunna go wentz myself tonight, look out for them on mysp-ce…”

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