weren-gg- : noun wair-nig-a
also known as niganthropy.
a weren-gg- is a white boy who on once a month on a full moon will often crave chicken , watermelon or kool-aid™. if the occasion arises they can also wear low baggy pants and sometimes steal a bike or car this too can also be the place of awakening in the morning after the transformation back to a caucasian male.
zak hide your bike nathan is turning into a weren-gg-.
weren-gg-: noun
a humanoid beast with the characteristics of an adult african american, whom used to be caucasian. the state of being a weren-gg- only lasts 3 nights a month, when the moon is fullest. symptoms of nyginthropy are; craving fried chicken, watermelon, malt liquor, weed, hip hop/rap music, krump dancing, stealing bikes or cars, and/or saggy pants. when one transitions into a weren-gg- during a full moon, one’s skin and hair pigmentation darkens, the hair becomes curly, and one becomes very tall with increased superhuman strength. to contract the condition, one must be bitten by a weren-gg- during a full moon.
3 times a month, under a full moon, stan becomes a weren-gg- and craves watermelon.

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