1. a state of mind related to the west coast 2. where the real g’s are from 3. a piece of los angeles
f-ck yeah, i am jsut bangin’ on the westside right now. i’ll hit ya back

a hand sign
the westside is the best side
westside in this motherf-cker!!!
where the true original gangstas are from. the eastside aint got nothing on us!
california love!

tupac shakur r.i.p.
the west side is not, as incorrectly defined, the west coast. it refers to the westside, duh, of a major city. it is used by street gangs if they originate from the western neighborhoods of a certain area. if you live on the west coast, that does not make you west side. that depends on where in that particular city you reside.
rob: you’re from san francisco, right?
bobby: yep.
rob: how are things on the west side?
bobby: uh…you mean, west coast?
the side which, while facing north, is directly to your left.
billy’s trip to canada was redirected to the west side due to an abrupt left hand turn.
keep drinkin smokin strait westcoastin west side till we die . tu pac 4 evea
west side b–tch
a phrase said by a bunch of stupid–ss 6 year olds who don’t even know which way west is. it makes them look cool.
little kid:yo what up n-gg-. i just came rollin from da west side baby!
me: stfu

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