moving swiftly, increasing in speed, achieving something
jeff was wheelin in school and got accepted to harvard university.
the act of trying to sweet talk the opposite s-x
look at bobby over there wheelin those broads
to attempt to get a woman to go out with, or have s-x with one
did you see jommy wheelin that broad
when one tries to get with another
yo sh-t man, i saw this tight broad, im gonna start wheelin her
the act of “getting to know” a member of the opposite s-x/same s-x.

1. trying to date

2. trying to f-ck

either way, spending a lot of time with the person you’re wheelin’
oh, he’s wheelin’ her!
actually driving your suv in the environment it was designed for: off-f-cking-road!!! like those of us who bought our jeep wranglers to—oh-my-god— go four-wheeling!!! unlike the metros-xual wannabe d-ckheads that think offroading is what they do in mall parking lots with speedb-mps.
buddy #1: “watcha doin’ later?
buddy #2: “thought i’d go ‘wheelin’ up the canyon for the day…”
buddy #1: “cool…gonna take the renegade or the quads?”
buddy #2: “gonna take ’em all”!!!
backwoods incestuous rednecks drinking pbr and driving their 1980-something sh-tboxes through the most “hardcore” terrain on the face of planet. then proclaiming their self-righteousness over the internet like true bad-sses.
golly jeb, i gots me a new sumb-tchin chevy wit sum swampers on it for wheeling. i hids it behind mah trailer so my wife (sister) dont see it and gets to hollerin at me again for wastin money.

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