white fragility

the term “white fragility,” was coined by dr. robin diangelo, a multicutural education professor at westfield state university, who described the term as, “-a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”diangelo simply doesn’t understand how idiotic her -ssertion is. judging individuals instead of demographics is a factor in “white fragility;” and the notion of individuality is an example of “narcissism,” that is, “a result of the white racial insulation ubiquitous in dominant culture.”anti racists have gone from believing race is a social construct to using racial ident-ty as a bullet to shame people for their whiteness. instead of embracing our similarities and ignoring our differences, the regressive left has taken any rejection of their narrative to attack the supposed racism with racism of their own. they have redefined the term to excuse their bigotry, and invent terms like white fragility to mock their dissenters. that reality explains the push back. the dissenters aren’t about maintaining the current power structure; they are calling out the hypocrisy.
of course every word written in this piece that is not enclosed by quotation marks will be used to somehow prove my “privilege,” and “white fragility,” because when you are a professional victim who looks for any reason to feel oppressed, you show absolutely no interest in actually improving the world.

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