Wicked witch

your mother-in-law,wh-r-,or your normal b-tch.
man:ahhh!!it’s the wicked witch,oh,no that’s
your b-tchy mother-in-law.
the leader of a group of girls flying monkey who are too stupid to think for themselves. generally reasonably smart with dictator-like tendencies.
kristen and amanda reported to the wicked witch.
someone or something that causes a flaw or self-destructive quality to appear in someone (e.g in a snow white) or something else. derived from the wicked witch in the tale ‘snow white and the seven dwarfs’ where the witch poisons snow white with a red apple.
friend1: “how’s your wifey situation going?”
friend2: “it was going good now its got a wicked witch in it.”
friend1: “why?”
friend2: “you know how my cousin’s best friends with my girl, well she told her that i was with a snow white when i went on hols and now she’s paranoid all the time.”
1)bad megan

2) a dirty b-tch you think may be a lesbian, and sits at your lunch table for nine mintues too long
1)person 1:”ding dong the witch is dead”

person 2:’what kind of witch?’

person 3:’the wicked witch u dumb f-ck-n b-st-rd

2)oh man look at that wicked witch

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