we just had s-x
with the hoe #wjhs #nuttedinherface #f-ckloyalty #phat-ss

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    it’s something you say when you f-ck up something really bad but have fun doing it anyway. (you just tripped on a football field, and the other team just scored because of your fumble. you laugh at yourself, saying…) “yeah, i suck!”

  • Write for a large audience

    when you’re trying to think up of a word to define on urban dictionary and you see “write for a large audience” on the new word creator page. 1. be general 2. write for giants “write for a large audience. lots of people will read this, so give some background information.”

  • You can't write it

    1. regarding a ridiculous situation which could not have been predicted or written beforehand. 2. regarding a ridiculous situation which could not be written about afterwards. it could be so ridiculous or outrageous both apply. synonymous with “you can’t make this stuff up”. 1. stephen: “oh sh-t, did you hear how ian got three fit […]

  • zatapka

    the cigarette you smoke after getting high. etymology: from bulgarian that was a good smoke sesh i’m going to take my marlboro outside for a zatapka.

  • advilist

    advilists – as in advilists anonymous- is a term for someone with a minor injury- with advil ( ibuprofen ) being the only remedy ( aside from sleep) man that skiing crash was pretty knarly but i got home and popped some advil and got some rest! person 2- you could say you are an […]

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