Workplace Cyber-aggression

workplace cyber-aggression takes place through emails or text messages which are intended to threaten or intimidate. they may also be emails or texts which have offensive content such as s-xist or racist material or expressions of religious hatred or h-m-phobia. what is different about this form of aggression, compared to more traditional forms, is that it is not limited to work colleagues but can come from people outside the organisation, or even in the form of spam.

the phenomenon of cyber aggression seems to have originated with teenagers who have grown up with the internet and electronic communication. they have brought this familiarity with them into the workplace and do not appreciate that this workplace cyber-aggression is just as hurtful as any other sort of aggression.

workplace cyber-aggression is often the result of individuals within the workplace being offended, upset or feeling threatened by problems within the workplace and who resort to this form of virtual communication as a means of retaliation. this action, directed at a person or persons within the organisation, is frequently referred to as flaming. along with workplace bullying and workplace aggression, workplace cyber aggression can be a symptom of a toxic workplace.
if workplace cyber-aggression is endemic in your workplace, find a new job.

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