wudnt hav

would not have
wudnt hav guessed it in a million google searches.

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  • Gugenheimer

    an old man who is the goofiest person ever. sometimes creepy. usually really old and annoying. not usually a quiet person. similar to a “goober” except a “goober” is a younger person. johhny: old man higgens is such a gugenheimer. suzy: i know, he’s really creepy. johnny: and he smells like p-ss.

  • cockernet

    like the t-ternet, but: the internet as seen by a (gay) guy with some time alone. sat-rday night i have by myself, so i generally p-rn about on the c-ckernet.


    to be defeated in a deathmatch without recieving any damage and/or kills or points against or complete an utter rout of an opponent without anything done on oneself halo deathmatch win by 55 -0 and the winner declares c3powned

  • mall claw

    woman’s hairstyle popular in the 80’s but perpetuated today where the bangs or fringe are cut long then hairsprayed into a pouffy “claw” in front. most effective when paired with a sparkly “scrunchie”. girl 1: wow, stacey, check out that mall claw! girl 2: hey, i used to have a scrunchie like that!

  • cakin

    tryna get at “mack” to someone. talking all day on the phone to someone. always seen talking to/hollering at the same person. stop cakin to that girl, mayne. why you always cakin? 1.) shacked up all day with your wife/girlfriend/honey. 2.) on the phone for hours on end ignoring everything around you 3.) choosing not […]

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