a website with a virus in the java script around october, 2004, when the website spiked in popularity. when you visited the website, a gif would appear flashing between two pictures in black and white with three smiley faces and “you are an idiot!” at the top of your screen along with a sound file playing singing “you are an idiot! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha!”
the virus would not do anything to your hard drive or your system32 file. it would however (when you try to close the tab/page) bounce around your screen like crazy. if you managed to close it, it would sp-wn another bunch of smaller windows that would bounce around your screen.
every time you tried to close one window, a few more would open, the sound would open again and again with each new window annoying you really badly. in order to end the agony you would have to hard restart your computer. (shut down your computer by holding the power b-tton, then pressing it again once it is fully off.)
i f–king hate www.youareanidiot.org

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