Wyoming High School

a small high school in cincinnati, ohio where everyone knows everyone else’s sh-t. most people come from very wealthy, mother f-ckin, money makin families, and if you don’t, then you probably aren’t very cool. of course, they are a few exceptions, but we don’t need to discuss these special cases. most people will be found dressed in sperry topsiders, ralph lauren, lacoste, etc. cliques are everywhere and if you aren’t in one, then who are you anyways? everyone smokes and drinks and generally just likes to party all the time. it’s kind of ridiculous and what they’re known for. they have they’re own slang, for example “got weak”, “swoll”, “skep”, “geeked up” and many more. also, people tend to be very jealous of wyoming’s athletic capabilities. because they are just good at everything. and oh yeah, they were recently ranked 50th in the nation. so basically they’re a bunch of smart -sses.
“that was one skep wyoming high school party last night. i got so weak when that one really swoll kid wearing the pink ralphy got so geeked up at that scandalous video.”

“yeah i know man. that’s the wyo for ya.”

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