X – Factor

an indescribable quality or something; something about a person that you cannot put your finger on; je ne sais quoi
i don’t know what it is; she’s not that pretty, but has this x-factor which makes her very hot.
is a fix. the winners are chosen before the series starts and they intentionally let some sh-te ones through to the 4th round so we can all laugh at them on telly.

and no, i’ve never applied for it.
x factor, horse racing, duct tape

all are fixes, except duct tape, that’s a fixer…
1. an unknown variable
that homey’s got too many “x-factors.” pop his -ss and be safe.
a) a quality that makes people in possession of it the epitome of cool. when trying to explain why this person is so cool you come up blank. everyone knows this person and people like being around them.
b) used to describe someone whos not necessarily hot but you are strangely attracted to.
“hey do you know jim?”
“oh yeah, who doesn’t. you know what’s weird?”
“despite his shortness and slight chubbiness, i kinda want him…”
“that’s cause he’s got x factor..duh.”
really lame pop-music reality tv show much like pop-idol.
lamer: you can sing, you should be on the x-factor
me: shut the f-ck up
to stand out from all of the rest, to be the “only one” at something or not common

syn: unknown
in our lives there is at least x factor that is some what a mysterious to us.
it’s just that “thing” that makes an individual stand out. captures your full attention. side effect- people are dumbfounded when in the presence of the x-factor.
yah you got swag cause its easy to jock but i got that x-factor that has no mold only the best acquire it. all original parts no copies.

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