p-rnstar turned author. the s-xiest chick in the room with the most well defined -ss. she got buns hun.

“xav… what?” -stares at -ss-

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  • cuddlematic

    meant to describe a heightened sense of devotion to – and love of – cuddles and cuddling! this is not a characteristic fitting your average cuddler, but someone who takes it to the next level: reaching over to stroke your arm every two seconds, leaning in to kiss your neck when they p-ss you by, […]

  • frankendeck

    a deck of powerpoint slides that’s been repeatedly added to over the years without ever having anything removed. hideously overgrown and disorganized, it’s developed an out-of-control, audience-killing, twisted life of its own. “that frankendeck i got from marketing just killed my biggest customer!”

  • vodka d*cking

    the act of sticking ones’ p-n-s into a bottle of vodka and getting super drunk. guy 1: dang that guy’s the life of the party! what’s he doing? guy 2: oh yeah, he’s vodka d-cking!

  • channel 61

    softcore p-rn at hiltons that teenagers watch together kim: did you watch channel 61 last night? kanye: yeah i saw you on it.

  • vutu

    an oily slimy -sshole. often used to indicate transgender tendencies that guy is such a vutu. can suck 5 males up

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