a god like person that emits an aura of greatness.
he’s an xazzura among men, beyond my talent.

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  • p*ss away

    when someone die. my girlfriend will be operated… i hope she doesn’t p-ss away

  • diy birthday divorce

    when somebody plots to divorce an unlucky couple on one of the partners birthdays by placing a fake wedding ring into the girlfriends gl-ss. oh sh-t, i just heard rob did a diy birthday divorce. what an -sshole

  • the byrnesian effect

    similar to the b-tterfly effect, the byrnesian effect is set in motion by just one individual whose actions are so immensely vague and confusing that others are deeply affected by them. it is defined by the overwhelming state of complete bewilderment the victim experiences, questioning their own purpose and existence, abandoning all commitments and duties […]

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    irritating or aggravating one another. being annoying and working someone’s nerves the teacher is always tapping my sh-t when he -ssigns homework over the weekend.

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