a f-ck boy
ur a real xelat
yh ik

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  • hot summer chinatown garbage

    extremely putrid v-g-n-l odor when my girl is on her period, her v-g-n- smells like some hot summer chinatown garbage

  • doucheapottomous

    a person who is above and beyond “normal douchedom” derek is such a doucheapottomous. he has no clue ever what he is talking about!

  • philippine eagle

    (pithecophaga jefferyi) the most handsome and regal bird in the world. a: the bald eagle is the most hand– b: the philippine eagle. a: that’s too subjective. b: you’re too subjective. a: touche.

  • lite soft p*n*s

    a soy hot dog over boiled. son: why does my soy hot dog look like a lite soft p-n-s. mom: sorry son i boiled it to long.

  • turkey the blunt

    emptying the blunt without splitting it, and stuffing it with weed like a turkey ay bruh did you turkey the blunt? it looks fat as f-ck

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