platinum ounces (currency)

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  • xr*t*d

    (of a motion picture) having a rating of x; intended for adults only. obscene, s-xually explicit, or vulgar: x-rated language; x-rated magazines. adjective (formerly, in britain) (of a film) considered suitable for viewing by adults only (informal) involving bad language, violence, or s-x: an x-rated conversation s-xually explicit, vulgar, or obscene, as in this film […]

  • xray

    physics. often, x-rays. a form of electromagnetic radiation, similar to light but of shorter wavelength and capable of penetrating solids and of ionizing gases. such radiation having wavelengths in the range of approximately 0.1–10 nm. a radiograph made by x-rays. (initial capital letter) a word in communications to represent the letter x. to examine, photograph, […]

  • xref

    xref cross-reference

  • xrf

    xrf x-ray fluorescence

  • xrt

    xrt x-ray therapy

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