a hoe who looks like a p-rnstar but isn’t.
d-mn that’s a xzandalyn right there

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  • industrial c*ck inhaler

    another way to use the expression “you got boned” when making fun of someone; a term to use on a girl when she has s-x a lot “hey matt, i just kicked your -ss in ping pong you industrial c-ck inhaler.” “man your girl is such a industrial c-ck inhaler, i wish mine was.”

  • schmak

    when a parent (specifically a parent of the male variety) is being rather angery towards one of his precious off-spring. this normally occurs when the boyo or ladoid is being rather smelly and the male parent heavily disagrees. this results in a large beating; or a schmak. utensils that can be used: belt, whip, a […]

  • bone tomahawk

    the act of holding a girl upside down and eating her out during her menstrual cylce. similar to the infamous death scene in bone tomahawk. jon bone tomahawked macy last night

  • penals*xual

    when you like to shove huge things up your -sshole (e.g. eals) . bryant likes to shove soft eggs down his -ss so that they will pop when they go in. he is penals-xual

  • bockaz

    hitting someone from the back, or meaning from behind darius: yo fam look at that shordy that -ss is pretty fat wilfred: ahlie, but can you deal with it? darius: what do you mean fam, she’d catch a rude bockaz

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