bye bye little one you will be missed
yadios i will miss you.

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  • sh*ggy shark

    a man who hasn’t shaved anywhere but still manages to be at the top of the food chain with the ladies. i’m sick and tired of getting c-ckblocked by that sh-ggy shark over there.

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    a color changing d-ld- hey did you bring the chad apple?

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    description of a steak pudding (in the north of england) as the dimple at the top is similar to the soft area on a new born babies head. chips, babbies yed ‘n’ gravy.

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    a guy who has a strong addiction to d-cks preferably black ones. you have probably seen him with one or multiple blacks males at a time. a guy caught in a gang bang with several black guys could be considered a “cody brown.”

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