v. the process of turning $10,000 into $500. it usually takes years to complete.
“i made $300 selling stuff than i paid over $4000 for over the years. that was a good yard sale.”
when a skier or snowboarder eats it on the slopes and loses all of their gear. if a skier loses his skies, poles, hat, goggles, and anything else, shout “yard sale” from the ski lift above him.
“while the skier denied that he lost his skis and poles in the fall, everyone that saw it knew that in reality his fall was a cl-ssic yard sale”
the evidence or remains of a catatrophic accident or wipeout, in which the victim’s belongings are scattered or spread out across a large area (resembling a traditional yard sale).
the u-haul trailer fishtailed into the oncoming semi, then the median strip was a yard sale.
while playing the sport lacrosse, the act of having your stick hit out of your hands, which triggers every player on the field’s yelling out “yardsale!”. it is called this because it is lying on the gr-ss as if you were trying to sell it on your lawn.
lacrosse player 1: “nick just had his stick hit out of his hands!”
lacrosse players 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8: “yardsale!”
a bad wipe-out on the ski slopes, your sh-t’s all over the place: one ski over here, a pole over there, hat somewhere else
sorry i took so long getting down, had a yard sale on that second jump
a lacrosse term used when a player of the opposing team is stick checked hard enough that he drops his stick, causing him to sometimes fall, keep running, or grab his head in disgust before being laid out by a longpole.
jeb always tries to beat me with a cross but i know excactly where to check to get that nasty yard sale.
the act of selling sh-t you dont want to people who dont need it
hey my next door neighbor is having a yard sale… wanna go waste three bucks?
an old-school lacrosse term for when a player or his stick is checked hard enough to make him drop it. not many schools still follow with the tradition belowmentioned:
::player is checked and drops stick::
opposing team on sideline: “yard sale!!!”

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