yellow fever

1. a term usually applied to white males who have a clear s-xual preference for women of asian descent, although it can also be used in reference to white females who prefer asian men.

2. an infectuous tropical disease carried by mosquitoes.
“every time we go to the club, dave goes straight for the asian women. i swear, that dude’s got a serious case of yellow fever.”
s-xual obsession felt by a non-asian (usually white, usually male) towards asians of the opposite gender. symptoms of yellow fever include stalking, halfhearted attempts to learn j-panese/mandarin/cantonese/korean and whacking off to sailor moon video’s.
and i should know.
wow, have you seen that yumi hasagawa? she’s so hot!

calm down man, you’ve got a dose of yellow fever.
a mental disease that afflicts the wapanese, the fanboys, and the otaku. symptoms of this condition are;
(a) a s-xual obsession towards females of asian descent.
(b) an obsession towards asian media and entertainment, primarily anime, hentai, manga, and other j-panese media.
(c) a sudden urge to imitate anything from asia. for instance, learning j-panese and eating sushi just for the sheer sake of trying to be “asian”.
(d) thinking that one knows more about j-pan than the j-panese themselves, despite never setting foot in that country or at lest reading about it.
an asian-american girl was har-ssed by some psycho who had a bad case of yellow fever. fortunately, she had a can of mace(tm) in her purse and did not hesitate to use it on him.
an affliction the webmasters at urban dictionary seem to have an acute case of. reload their front page 10 times, and i bet a different asian girl pops up 9 times.
obsess much, guys? your yellow fever has infected nearly the entire site
1) a disease carried by mosquitoes in tropical regions, especially in south america, africa, and the caribbean. symptoms include sudden fever, yellowing of the skin, and hemorrhaging. a very dangerous disease that is quite often fatal. it was the number one cause of death for americans during the construction of the panama c-n-l. nowadays a yellow fever vaccine is required if you’re traveling to said tropical regions, especially during the summer.

2) when a person of non-asian ethnicity has strong feelings and/or urges of an asian person of the opposite gender. usually these urges are s-xual, but not always. wasn’t too widely known until the release of harold and k-mar go to white castle.
1) good g-d that vaccine hurt! but i guess it’s better than dying….

2) little billy went to a club in chinatown and now has a sudden case of yellow fever.
when a white male has an excessive attraction towards females of the asian persuasion regardless of how fobish or jacked up looking the girl really is; he’ll still think she’s the most f-ckable thing on the planet. also, they know nothing about the girls culture, can rarely tell the difference between any nationalities, think they all f-ck like the girls they see in p-rn and never heard of laos until king of the hill.
fevered: dude, i wanna f-ck trang!
friend: are you kidding me? she’s missing half her teeth and is built like a 12 year old boy! plus she barely speaks english! man! you’ve got yellow fever!
the best infliction to have ever hit caucasians. signs of having contracted yellow fever includes extreme attraction and affection towards asians of the opposite s-x.
oh my, have you seen mimi and lily? they are both so hot!

calm down douglas, you have a major case of yellow fever!

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