yer man

scouse slang meaning “yeah man” or “yeah bro”
nathan: can i get some kenny lad?
paddy: yerman, be there in 10 or 15.
that guy.

origin – ireland
see yer man over there?

yer man with the big culchie head on him?
at this friendly irish pub, you come as a stranger, leave as a friend.

a fun place to get drunk and makeout with the same old people.
a walk around bar that some walk around and refer to as “doing a lap”.
kaitlyn: last night was fun..
emily: oh yea i pulled a yerman’s
brit: you made out with him again?
emily: oh yea!
someone of german ancestry who typically, acts like loser, hates americans, or is just an all around downer, can also be in reference to jews of german ancestry
“that yerman is just p-ssed because american cars wipe the floor with those yerman piece of cr-p cars”

“quit yamming it you yerman f-ck!”
an expression of sarcastic excitability.
“do you want to see my new manicure? yer man.. yer..”
scouse slang meaning “yeah man” or “yeah bro”
nathan: can i get some kenny lad?
paddy: yerman, be there in 10 or 15.

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